Q: When will your books go ‘out-of-print’ or ‘out-of-stock’?
A:  The modern digital printing process we use lends itself well to continued replenishment of our stock. If our stock gets low, we can usually replenish it and ship within a week. Other factors come into play regarding cessation of printing of a title (see homes page).

Q: Do you offer special wholesale pricing to bona-fide dealers?
A: Yes; contact us through this website for specifics. We want to sell at least 10 books at a time (at least in the beginning), and ship primarily via USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes, insured, paid by the buyer.

Q: Most of the recent railroad books are in color; why are yours in black & white?
A: The collection of steam locomotive photos we use consists almost entirely of black and white (B&W) pre-1955 photos. Many go back to the turn of the previous century, using then state-of-the-art B&W technology. Color photography did not become prominent until the 1950s. Since steam locomotives were almost all black and white, color photos, if they did exist, would have little advantage.

Q: How does Merrill Publishing Associates (MPA) interact with railway historical societies?
A: MPA supports all of the railroad historical societies who follow the railroads that are subjects of our publications, and these societies sell our books and CDs through their company stores to help support their operations. We also supply photos, where requested, for publication in these societies’ newsletters, and are members of several societies.

Q: Do you publish books for other people?
A: When asked if we will ever publish works by other people, our answer is ‘probably not’, but when possible we will try to help advise others on how to go the self publishing route.

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