On the Laser’s Edge was on the local top-10 list of most popular books for several weeks at Janke’s Bookstore in Wausau, Wisconsin.

A handwritten letter: “I have just read “On the Laser’s Edge” and I want you to know how much I enjoyed it. An interesting story, fascinating characters and themes that are so relevant in today’s world made it compelling… Wisconsin has some great stories and great storytellers.”      – Jim Doyle, Governor of Wisconsin

“Raising Hell for Justice” by David R. Obey (U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin)
Pages 193-195:  “The activities of the Posse and associated right-wing neo-Nazi fringe organizations are skillfully chronicled in a recent book by Sharon Thatcher, On the Laser’s Edge… With their ringleaders put out of commission by dedicated law enforcement and the undercover information provided by a citizen volunteer, Mike Muckerheide, a talented scientist and laser expert, the Posse gradually faded into the woodwork. But that did not bring an end to controversy and turmoil.”

Radio & TV appearances:
Wisconsin Public Radio – Wausau (Route 51 with Glen Moberg); WSAU 550 Feedback, Wausau; WJJQ Tomahawk; WJMT Merrill; WJFW TV 12 Rhinelander.

City Pages (Cover Story), January 11-18, 2007:
“Readers will delight in seeing two disparate worlds depicted as one in this book. There’s idyllic Wausau with its parks and charitable foundations and still recognizable landmarks; in that community there are men with evil plots, conspiring over coffee. It’s a worthy read if only for the sheer this-could-happen-anywhere eye opener.”   -“The Very Strange Right-Wing Laser Conspiracy” by Tammy Stezenski

Ozaukee County Press, March 8, 2007: “…this is just an incredible story. Mike and his whole life was an incredible story – a man who did good from very humble beginnings, who worked so the good guys would triumph over the bad guys.”  – “Laser’s Edge salutes late Port scientist” by Kristyn Halbig Ziehm

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 10, 2007: “It sounds like science fiction even today. Back then [the 1970s] it sounded like something you’d read about in the comics while sitting in an asylum. -”What they never knew about ‘Mike’”, by Mike Nichols

Merrill Courier, January 12, 2007: “It’s great story. It’s got international intrigue, political drama, moral dilemmas and a strong dose of science fact, not fiction. It’s a story of a seamy underworld that’s invisible to most of us. It’s all well documented, and it happened right here in north central Wisconsin.” -“The Greatest Story Finally Told: Merrill writer, ex-FBI agent publish a compelling new book” by Jeff Hovind

Wausau Daily Herald, January 15, 2007: Laser weapons, espionage, world revolution, cutting-edge technology, clandestine meetings – that’s the stuff of movies. It’s also the backbone of a Merrill resident’s new book. -“Merrill author publishes crime story” by Sandy Block

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